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Cooking Class
July 13th @ 10:00 am

The cooking class will be held by KCBS Competition Cooking Teams!

Class includes prep, cooking, boxing and presentation according to KCBS standards.

If you want to start competing in KCBS BackYard or Pro competitions, this class is a great way to get started!

Cost of Cooking Class is $20.00 per person. 

You do not have to be a KCBS member. 

You may pay online or the day of class.

KCBS Judging Class
July 13th @ 2:00 pm

At the completion of this class you will be qualified to be a KCBS Judge!

This is a certified class by KCBS.

If you are a competitor, what better way to know what the Judges are looking for!

You must be a KCBS member, if you are not already a member you may sign up at least 1 day prior to class.

KCBS memberships include access to the KCBS website and the ability to judge any KCBS contest around the world. 

Individual Membership is $45 or you may select a family membership for $60


You must be registered and paid 5 days prior to class

KCBS Judging & Cooking Class 

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